General SMH Documentation

Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet for Standard Modular Hydropower

Communicates important aspects of the SMH project (date: November 2017)


A Multi-Year Plan for Research, Development, and Prototype Testing of Standard Modular Hydropower Technology

Presents a strategy for specifying, designing, testing, and demonstrating the efficacy of standard modular hydropower (SMH) as an environmentally compatible and cost-optimized renewable electricity generation technology.

Proceedings and Publications


How Standard Modular Hydropower Can Enhance the Environmental, Economic, and Social Benefits of New Small Hydropower

Describes the current status of small hydropower development in the U.S., and offers a vision for Standard Modular Hydropower.


Making Small Hydro Development Affordable and Acceptable

outlines the SMH approach to standardize the small hydro development process and reduce costs across a variety of sites.

SMH Stakeholders Documents


Standard Modular Hydropower Technology Acceleration Workshop: Summary Report

Summarizes the key topics and outcomes resulting from a June 2017 ORNL-led workshop with select industry participants to advance standardized, scalable, modular hydropower technologies and development approaches.

Hand- out

Summary Handout of Standard Modular Hydropower Innovator Engagement

Summarizes key SMH engagement activities completed since 2015 (date: November 2017)

SMH Technical Reports


Exemplary Design Envelope Specification for Standard Modular Hydropower Technology

Offers a new paradigm for small hydropower technology development, based on the premise that standardization, modularity, and preservation of stream functionality must become essential and fully realized features of next generation hydropower technologies and project designs.


Standard Modular Hydropower: Case Study on Modular Facility Design

Outlines a new environmental design framework for standard modular hydropower development that combines module design, systems design, performance modeling, and economic assessment.


Technical Background on SMH Explorer Development

Describes the technical basis and results of SMH Site Classification research which are integrated within the SMH Explorer tool.


Simulation and Modeling Capability for Standard Modular Hydropower Technology

Summarizes the concepts, use cases, needs, gaps, and challenges associated with modeling and simulating SMH technologies and presents recommendations for further modeling-related research and development needs to increase SMH deployment.

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