SMH Research

The Standard Modular Hydropower (SMH) project is rooted in a belief that new hydropower facilities and technologies must sustain the important functions of a stream while generating energy at competitive prices.

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SMH Philosophy

Environmentally compatible, low cost hydropower

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Site Classification

Stream and water infrastructure groupings with similar characteristics

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Exemplary Design

Standardized module and facility design

What are we currently researching?

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Exploring standard modularity

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Innovative technology designs

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Non-Powered Dams

NPD classification and retrofit research

Additional technology acceleration activities

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Simulation and Modeling

Design evaluation and optimization

Recent impacts of research

Prior SMH-funded research also investigated hydraulic testing and validation needs, capabilities, and priorities for small hydropower, the results of which are being leveraged to support ongoing scoping of technology testing needs applicable to hydropower, more broadly. In addition, SMH research findings prompted further DOE investigation into geotechnical foundations, resulting in a recently published ORNL Technical Report and the development of the Groundbreaking Hydro Prize.