What is SMH Explorer?

The SMH Explorer is a geo-visual analytics platform that empowers user-guided, energy-water-environment-module data analysis and inquiries in support of the Standard Modular Hydropower (SMH) research project. The tool can be used to establish scoping level insights into the type of foundation, generation, water quality, fish passage, recreation, and sediment modules that may be necessary should hydropower development be pursued on a stream-reach.

The SMH Explorer allows users the ability to filter about 340,000 stream reaches across the contiguous US based module-specific clusters and/or a variety descriptive hydrologic, biologic, physico-chemical, and watershed characteristics. The module-specific clusters were derived as part of the SMH Site Classification exercise that grouped potential SMH sites with mean annual flow > 50 cfs and < 25,000 cfs based on similarities in variables that informed module need and module design requirements. Filtering with the SMH Explorer can also include any of the variables used in the clustering analysis, for example, mean annual flow or depth to bedrock.

SMHExplorer screenshot


Potential users of SMH Explorer include:

  • modular hydropower site developers
  • module developers
  • environmental regulators

Potential uses include:

  • informing possible module need and design at a particular site of interest
  • identify sites with similar module needs or development priorities
  • understand geographic distribution of prevalence of site types based on module needs

For a visual guide of the SMH explorer tool, including a walkway of several use case demonstrating the features, capabilities and the utility of SMH explorer, please access the SMH Explorer User Guide.

For an understanding of the technical background please access the Site Classification for Standard Modular Hydropower Development: Characterizing Stream Reaches by Module Need.

For questions or comments regarding SMH Explorer please Contact Us.


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